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*A monthly delivery of AR Activity Box to your home

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Activity Boxes

Hippopappa is a subscription based app. You will be sent an engaging activity box every month, based on the subscription you choose

Get Into a Different World

Hippopappa gives you a true AR (Augmented Reality) experience. A never before  immersive experience for the first time in learning app for your kids.

Experiments with Colours

AR colouring sheets given to the kids will enhance their creativity.

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Meet New Friends

Character interactions with your kid to give knowledge and values that a textbook  may skip to cover.


Manage Your Kids Screen Time

The app is built with parental lock features to manage the screen time of your kids.

Month 1: A wild life walkthrough

Ever taken your kids to see animals in their natural habitat? Or ever brought wildlife home? It is actually impossible. But Hippopappa makes it possible for your kids through AR, Hippoappa will take your kids for a journey to the jungle with her cute friend, Minty. From the time they set out to the end of the journey,Your kids will not only see animals in their natural habitat but will also learn many things on the way that are essential to life. They will learn facts about animals with added consciousness and responsibility. Hippopappa tends to prick the ballooned ignorance and misconceptions of your children at an early stage feeding them with perspectives that are forward and with qualities that are nurturing.


Month 2: Our environment- A look back

Growing responsible builds a better environment. Hippopappa contributes to your efforts of imparting responsibility to your children, with knowledge. Hippopappa along with fairies will take your kids on a fictional tour to make them understand the cause of the environmental crisis and let them know change is possible if it begins with self.


Month 3: A cultural tour

How about touring India in hardly an hour? Yes! Hippoappa can make it feel like a time machine by taking your kids around India in the given time. Embracing every native is important.  Hippopappa, the kid next door, brings different natives to your children at home, to make them see “the never before and the never again” diversity of India.


Improve Skills 

Our AR based activities will develop the cognitive abilities and motor skills of the child.

Month 4: A Celebration of food

Don’t you feel it is important for your kids to know what they eat is made of? Hippoappa, will take your kid on a world tour this time to relish cuisines across the world. Won’t it be amazing to see lip smacking dishes in 3D? It doesn’t stop there, your kids will learn the idea behind hosting in different ethnic groups, their table manners. On the whole, Hippoappa will help your kids learn the evolution of cooking and serving. 


Month 5: How did we go From Gibberish to Global Language

For hippopappa, language has never been a barrier to travel and Hippopappa insists, it should never be a barrier for your kids too. So bringing you, all about Language and Ethinicty-This time, Hippopaapa will introduce your kids to various ethnic groups and languages and will brief on how communication has evolved over the years. In addition to it, Hippopappa will display the outfit of different ethnic groups in different countries. Parents make a note if your kid seems to show interest in costume designing.


Month 6: Evolution and invention

Hippopaapa sets foot on the roots of humans. Hippopappa along with your kid will be a part of A story spinning with the characters from stone age to modern age. Imagine how breathtaking it would be to see the characters belonging to different eras in 3D. Thank AR for it and prepare your kids for an experience so intriguing and learning so unforgettable.

Return & Refund Policy

Thanks for purchasing our products. We offer product replacement, if found damaged for all purchases made on our website.  You are eligible for a full replacement within 14 calendar days of your purchase. If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us.

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