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*A monthly delivery of AR Activity Box to your home

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Story based math activities
AR Math challenges
Bring animals to your space
3d coloring sheets

How does it work?

  • Take your gamepad and place it on any flat surface

  • Take out the holder, open the fold and place it on 
    the gamepad vertically at an acute angle. 

  • Now place your gadget horizontally in such a way 
    that the ends of your gadget sits in the dents on 
    either side of the holder.

  • Now, open Hippopappa App and enjoy your math maestro pro pack activities

What's Inside the box?


Device Compatability



  • 2018 & newer, 3GB RAM & above

  • Smartphones - All Android Smartphones



  • iPad 5th gen & above

  • iPad Mini 2 & above

  • iPad Air all models

  • iPad Pro all models (except Pro 12.9”)

  • iPhone x & above

Cooling down brain 

A chance to explore all possibilities in creating things through 3D coloring sheets where they can see what they colored in 3D 


Return & Refund Policy

Thanks for purchasing our products. We offer product replacement, if found damaged for all purchases made on our website.  You are eligible for a full replacement within 14 calendar days of your purchase. If you have any additional questions or would like to request a refund, feel free to contact us.

Wondering how we make your kids fall in love with math?

It’s Simple!

We don’t say the problem to your kids, we show them the problem by putting them in real life situations, thus giving them enough space to analyse and solve.

Why Maestro pro pack 

Story-driven Math Activities

Box 1 - Our environment- A look back

Unravel an adventurous underwater experience and save

our environment with challenging math activities


Box 2 - A Cultural Tour

Journey around the globe by solving exciting math activities


Box 3 - A celebration of food

Discover mouth-watering cuisine across the world by solving math activities


Math Activities inside the box

Grouping, calculating, counting, analyzing, reasoning, solving & more through stories. 150+ Math AR activities 


2 (1).png


m2 (1).png


1 (1).png


1m (1).png


1p (1).png

Progressive Learning

Your kids will have goals to meet at every level to make progress. Hence their interest never gets dissolved in the process

2 (1).png

Rewards for Completion

As your kids complete each level that Math Maestro pro box comprises, they get a certificate and an achiever award titled either Mr. Little Ramanujan or Ms. Shakuntala Devi based on their gender. 

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