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Toy is an emotion !

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

When you were a kid, when stories were read to you or when you read story books, have

you ever imagined “what it would be like, to have those characters come to life, straight out

of your book?

Have you ever fantasized about the characters talking to you? If you were one

among such kids, you must have definitely been a lover of stories and characterizations.

Weren’t you? Well of course, we feel you.

Now, if you are a parent, have you seen your kids being so fascinated by certain toys which

are replicas of either a hit movie character or a book? Don't be surprised, because that is

your kid. So, have you seen them talk to those toys with so much passion?

Well, in that case, how long do you think this can go on like a monologue where the action is only one sided. Don’t you feel there should be a reciprocation? Why don't such monologues change into dialogues between your kid and your kid’s favorite characters? This is exactly where Augmented reality comes into play, to give your kids that privilege you wish could have had, in your childhood. What does augmented reality do? YES!, it brings the characters alive. By doing so, your kids will be more involved and will feel more inclusive and connected while having fun. The attention span gets longer when there is involvement. The longer the

attention span is, the larger the space is, for them to grow, grasping what they see and hear.

So, how does the meynikara team make use of this AR to make your kids productive? We

have come up with an AR app named, “Hippopaapa” that can interact with your kid so that

your kids will learn, while having fun with characters and activities.

Well, We, the Meynikara team, plan to get your kids involved for a longer time thereby

feeding them with good knowledge while they think they are having fun with the AR toy. We

insert knowledge in every page and make your kids learn without making them realise they

are actually learning. We will eventually lessen your burden of trying to make them

concentrate. We focus on wider areas on each of our subscription boxes which will

eventually enhance their motor skills and cognitive abilities. What are you waiting for? Just

go for it!

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