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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

AR na, Augmented Reality da Kanna !!

Vandachu, AR to the rescue! To keep you worry-free from the fazing content your kid obsessively indulges in!

Ever in your childhood, have you befriended a cartoon character for real? A mascot? Do you remember being all the things the character was? Jumping, swirling, exploring its superpowers in real-time? If you catch yourself recollecting memories of sticking those souvenirs on your wardrobe, and you could still relate to the product, you are an adult with a child in your heart, and we would like to talk to you!

Talk to you about our AR. Talk about the reality that is augmented. To make that reality come for real. Dreams, right?!

Welcome to Meynikara (Tamil for Virtual Reality)

A technology platform that is kindled by dreams, memories, and passion to give your kid that wise, many schools mostly miss out on. No dreary books here, nor any boring advice, just the right combination of fun and education put together interactively. The Journey through fantasy, sitting right in your hands! While, the motor skills and the neuron skills are a bonus, 2 for 1, what do you say?!

So, how does it work?

Imagine you see an elephant, strolling into the forest, you could see its features in real-time, the way it trumpets, the way it walks, its footmarks, that go through the path. As you go along you get to see how lush that forest was. Let alone the tall trees, you get to hear a woodpecker poking the bark as well. You witness a bee fly across your face, in search of honey from the flower that was low lying, and you stop suddenly with a jerk on a semblance of a deer and its in

nocent face. Only that you are experiencing all of these sitting with your kid, on a smartphone with your legs crossed, in a room full of other of our toys (Too ambitious you think? Nah, we are just being optimistic!)


AR basically means Augmented Reality. In simple words, the Amplified version of objects/images with its

realistic features in a real place, your place through the power of the internet and smartphone.

The what-if fantasy factors from our childhood that were only dreams for us, was the seed for our AR efforts. We researched the behavior of kids, the attention span, your feedback, your uncertainties as a paren

t on contents that your kid is consuming, paved the way to an idea with a value and it works like this!

- You buy our toy box, it can be a puzzle, coloring sheets, or a picture packed in a sophisticated box (We mean it, the packaging is that fantasy tactical!) via our website or trusted sellers.

- You build the puzzle, simple?

- Now, download our Meynikara app from the Google Play Store or Apple market, it is free!

- You grab your phone, using the app, you scan the puzzle, simple again!

- Now, is where the fun starts. Understanding the puzzle's look and feel, our app recognizes the puzzle and gets you into an experience that is interactive, fun, and informative!

And, hey! It is not just a one-time thing, our toy box comes with the option of subscription whose upgrade you can do online hassle-free for extended entertainment, let us discover, more about the forest, on a budget that is wallet-friendly!

Unlike the regular STEM toys promising virtuosity or other mediums where wisdom is sold online, our product is just an added way to make your kid learn without having to ‘study.’ We understand that Life and learning mutually occur in the reality, be it augmented or actual.

Life is learning as you live!

P.S.: That is why the used boxes are also collected and are distributed to the kids at NGOs, thereby establishing equality amongst the life that we share this space with. Good Karma!

Watch this space for more!

Contact us through our social handles, or our website

See you at the other end, So long!!

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