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History of Toys

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Toys have been an integral part of human life since prehistoric times.

Different toys have different origins and each will have their own significance.

It is said, In 2500 BCE, human-like and animal-like objects were made and the evidence of it was found in deposits. The material with which the toys/objects were made was clay, wood, wax, terracotta.

The first written reference to the usage of toys dates back to 500 BCE. The first toy in written record was yo-yo used by Greeks. The Greek children were asked to give up their toys in the altar in front of God once they passed a certain age.

The medieval time (5th - 15th c) was not much of a toy time. No big importance was given to toys.

In 17 th & 18th century, also known as, The enlightenment Era is when toys significantly evolved, both in terms of form and idea. People started understanding the purpose of toys in kids’ lives. They brought in psychology. Having understood the science behind toys, there were different forms of toys that were designed to engage the kids physically, intellectually and emotionally, like, rocking horse, jigsaw puzzle, building blocks etc..

In 20th, soft toys/stuffed toys were invented by Margarete steiff. These toys ruled the toy world for almost a century until gender based toys were brought into the market in the year 1984. This led to the emergence of millions of toys categorized for each age group as well as gender.

In 21st c, Scientific toys, irrespective of gender , largely evolved in terms of technology. Robot toys turned out to be the trending ones in the 21st century because of the automated movement and speech.. And now….. The trending toy in future would be Augmented Reality toys .

AR toy- a toy for next gen kids. Here we come with an interactive Augmented Reality toy named Hippopappa- A toy not just for fun but also for learning out of the books.

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