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Mind registers what the eyes see, which is why visuals come into play. To make it comprehensible, reading a book with colourful illustrations has a greater impact on our memory than reading a plain book without any illustrations. Now that we have crossed book era and that we are into digital era where we have e-books, 3D illustrations are made available for kids in a click . However, parents do worry that these might harm their children’s eyesight.

Well! We all know too much of anything is good for nothing. It applies everywhere including your children's screen time. We cannot say, the very innovation of screen time is completely harmful. Apparently, it depends on how far screen time is being allowed. So to answer the questions above, if it causes harm, somewhere we would have crossed the limits, otherwise it doesn't really harm as far as we have it under control. You can totally allow screen time for your children provided you have set the limits.

The appropriate age to allow screen time is above 2 years and the recommended hours are not more than 2 in a day as per WHO. In a digitalised world, screen times are inevitable. Therefore, restriction of screen time is never a solution. Instead, let us focus on providing good screen time for children and limiting screen time gradually.


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